Mom’s Message: You Are Loved

“You are loved.” That’s what Mom would have said to me, to my Dad, and to my sister. “Know that you are loved.”

These words didn’t come last week, when my father looked up and asked the heavens, “Tillie, where are you when I need you?” They came to me last night in the shower.

The words came in a clear, warm voice that was not Mom’s ~ but also not my own. I don’t think I would have heard them, had I not come to St. Clare Monastery on retreat.

The retreat created space – space to write, reflect, breathe – space to be.

When the words came, I was washing my hair with peppermint soap, and taking deep, refreshing breaths. Whatever they put in that shampoo, I’d like more of it, please!

Dear Mom: Thank you.



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