In Lieu of facebook…

…I’m writing each day, for at least five minutes. Thank you, Briana, for the reminder to write! If I can help you with a reminder for one of your projects, just let me know.

Just like my mother set a timer for piano practice when I was a child, I’m setting a timer and will write for five minutes, every day.

I’m also meditating for five minutes every day. This morning, I mistakenly set the timer for 5:00 instead of :05, so sat for 9 minutes. Maybe my subconscious was trying to tell me that I need five hours of meditation.

This feels so much better already. Don’t get me wrong, I love facebook. It’s fun, it’s enlightening, it’s engaging, and when used properly it’s a great way to connect with friends and family near and far.

But that’s the trick. That’s the trap. Facebook – and its companions twitter, instagram, et. al. – will never take the place of face-to-face interaction. Or even a phone call, for that matter.

“Friends” vs. Friends
Case in point: I’m “friends” with a few hundred people on facebook, but I don’t really know them.

If all I did was “know” these “friends” on facebook, I’d never know this: Over the holidays, one of my friends reconnected with an former high school friend, who since they last spoke struggled with and overcame a life-threatening issue. When I saw my friend in-person and asked her about her holidays, this is the story she told me. If I had only read her facebook feed that day, I’d never know how moved she was by reconnecting with her high school friend (who is working on a memoir!). This was what meant the most to her, and she had not, to my knowledge, mentioned it on facebook.

Plus, I’ll be honest, I can’t remember half of what I read on facebook. It’s like listening to 50 different conversations at once, until the voices mingle into an incomprehensible, incessant drone. The longer I spend on facebook, the worse my recall becomes. And the more I feel compelled to like, read, comment, like, like, like, like…what did I just like? I have no clue whatsoever.

So this was 10 minutes of writing? Easy peasy. Tomorrow: On to the screenplay. If you don’t see me here every day, I am still writing. Still meditating. And still needing you to ask me if I’m doing this every day. 🙂

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