Fathering as a Survivor — Byron Hamel

This is all kinds of awesome. We need more men like you Bryon.

Trigger Points: Childhood Abuse Survivors Experiences of Parenting

We are kicking off the Fathering as a Survivor series today with someone we consider a true warrior in the fight to raise awareness for parenting survivors, a great dad and a friend of the Trigger Points community. Byron Hamel of Trauma Dad speaks openly and honestly about the challenges he faces as a father and a survivor.

“I grew up severely abused by a father figure who was put to death for infanticide. Left with traumatic stress, depression, and an eating disorder, I’m determined to be the best dad I can possibly be to my two girls.”                             ~Byron Hamel

byron hamelWe are so lucky to have Byron participate in the interview series and to offer us a look in to what Fathering as a Survivor means to him.

1.    Before becoming a father, did you look forward to becoming a parent?

Before becoming a father, I thought long and hard…

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