Finding Sanity & My To-Do List

Last night, I started a class at a local Buddhist center:


Our first homework assignment is to meditate – every day if possible, or 3-4 times over the next week. Last summer, I meditated daily, for about 10 minutes, right after waking up. That time on the front porch, with my cat / stalwart meditation assistant Tigri in my lap and the neighborhood waking up, was the best part of my day.

After meditating, the rest of my day went great – even when it didn’t. When I fell out of my daily practice, I felt restless and mildly to moderately ineffective – even when others told me I did a great job on something.

This morning, I sat on my blanket on the porch for about 8 minutes. A leaf blower was raging in a nearby yard. Even in the best of circumstances, leaf blowers make me grind my teeth. I took a deep breath, settled back in and focused on my breath, like our instructor suggested we do when we’re having trouble quieting our minds.

A few moments passed peacefully. Then I started thinking of the things on my to-do list. We just moved to a new city, so every morning I wake up thinking about my to-do list. Here’s what came to mind today:

Write a to-do list so I don’t wake up thinking about it every day (check!)
Block time for each day’s priorities (this is really helpful but I avoid it like the plague)
Research for Brainiac doc
Call our insurance to see if a dentist is covered
Write a blog entry (Almost check.)
Stay the hell off facebook and instead write or research screenplay (Check!)
Find a nearby vet for our 17-year-old cat
Find a documentary filmmaking class that’s affordable, condensed and good
Call my Dad
Circle back with a potential film & TV connection from a Cincinnati friend (thank you Kat!)
Pay the bills
Plant the herbs and perennials, spread new soil for the cold season vegetable seeds and plant them
Research the Samsara Realms of Buddhism

Writing this blog I figured out two things: 1) The items above are my top priorities. 2) I won’t get everything on the list done today. 3) I need to prioritize my list before blocking time on my calendar. Shit! That’s three things! I’m making another list! Total rabbit hole.

But now it’s a challenge. I love a challenge. Off to block time for my top three priorities and start my day:

-Research for Brainiac doc
-Work on screenplay
-Email Kat’s film & TV friend

Sanity found, for now.

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